Importance of English in a student's life

Importance of English in a student's life

Importance of English in a student's life

Garima P.

English being a global language has undoubtedly and indirectly become an important aspect in deciding the future of our students. Looking at the broad acceptance and understanding that this language has garnered worldwide, be it a student's pursuit of education, future career or as simple as his or her inclusion within society, the vital role  English plays, cannot be negated.

If we talk of higher education programs abroad or even a nationalized course, they are written and taught in English. Any entrance exam today does check a candidate's ability to demonstrate a certain level of English proficiency.
We live in a connected, global world where English is used as the main language for almost every communication. It’s no surprise, then, that many more doors will open for those who can speak and understand English than for those who can't.
Speaking and understanding English means that they can communicate with a major chunk of people. If one does not understand the native language of a place, English opens doors to an exchange of ideas because even if the natives don't speak English, the understanding of the language to some extent still exists.

English is 'the' tool used by internet and media. A basic understanding of it definitely opens new avenues to self online study and fruitful access to the available resources.

Reading articles and watching videos becomes useful for learning and understanding the working of several aspects and knowing the fact that English is the universal language used in movies, books, magazines, songs, and online articles, its importance needs no glorification. 

In order to be a part of the global community, and to participate in the conversations that help to get an edge over the others, an understanding of English is necessary.

By learning English, students  can more confidently participate in conversations with nobody to tell them that they don't belong here.