The Four Houses

Red House

RIG Veda, the Red House depicts our timeless wisdom, warmth and
passion. We wish to create individuals who have the ability to apply
knowledge in an insightful way. They would be free yet responsible,
fearless yet humble and would soar with their feet rooted to

We have always created history
Rigs are the only name of victory!


Blue House

SAMA Veda, the Blue house stands for our peaceful attitude that aids in exploring creativity in its most beautiful form. Our eternal and gushing flow of creative thoughts clubbed with spontaneity makes us unique and rare.

Go East.. Go West
are always better than the best!


Yellow House

YAJUR Veda, the Yellow house displays our firm determination of igniting positivity that has the meteoric power to energise and transform. Our fiery intelligence blended with soft emotions contributes to our very existence as universal beings who exhibit passion and groundedness. 

East West North South
Yajurs are here to strike you out!


Green House

ATHARVA Veda, the Green house attempts to give rise to a new world where gratitude, harmony and optimism are the key mantras. We want our students to be guided by qualities that are capable of healing humanity.

Victory is ours without a doubt
Atharvas will knock you out!


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