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Success comes to those who toil hard and stays with those who don't rest on the achievements of the past.

We stress on creating eager learners, reflecting individuals, caring spirits, daring minds, open-minded persons, knowledgeable human beings and inquiring souls.

I feel Educating the mind alone is no-education, it is essential to educate the heart.

Even while walking on the strong foundation of technology aided education, our children march ahead with the ethos of moral values and principles.

This relentless pursuit of values has helped us grow and evolve. This meteoric rise is the result of our commitment to our ideals. With every new step forward, these ideals become stronger and shoot a new vision. JPGS is  an extension of our faith and incarnates the philosophy of humanism. It nurtures a global spirit and encourages learners not only to dare to stand by their convictions, but at the same time be humble, not only be more librated but caring also. To achieve, but alongside be thankful as we believe that gratitude brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Our parent's faith and support has always helped us and our children dream, spread wings, fly and explore the infinite.

Dr. Jayshree Periwal 
Chairperson of Jayshree Periwal Group of Schools



At Jayshree Periwal Global School, we pursue future-focused learning in which we equip the students with essential skills and help develop leadership qualities. Our community of educators is highly experienced in delivering classroom instructions with innovative pedagogical techniques. From the usage of ICTs to project-based learning, the opportunity provided to the students to hone their IT, critical thinking and life skills is immense. The learning environment is well augmented with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, which the students have access to in order to pursue their dreams. We owe it to our visionary leader Dr. Jayshree Periwal for enabling us with this philosophy, which guides us to raise future leaders who would solve the problems of humanity and make a mark for themselves. Over the past many years, the Jayshree Periwal group of schools has created a niche for itself by treading the untrodden. This journey would have been impossible without the parents and the student community who have partnered with us in this vision and hope for a continued partnership.

Mrs. Manju Khosla




We aim to create a safe, stimulating and an intellectually challenging learning environment which will provide opportunities to acquire attitude and skills to become lifelong learners, innovate, introspect and act in this ever changing dynamic global environment.



Our vision is to nurture a community of compassionate, tolerant, responsible citizens who are rooted to their culture yet ready to embrace the global world and flourish in intellectual, political, social and linguistic diversity.



The school believes in creating the most suited and purposeful learning environment, using the best teaching practices available around the globe thereby preparing our students to become active, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and global community.  It aims to enable them to create their own niche in this dynamic world, where creativity, cooperative work, adaptability and networking are the key features.  We, at JPGS aspire to provide a contemporary approach so that we are able to foster in our students self-pride, self-confidence and self-reliance while they develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially into mature, responsible citizens. We are committed to the philosophy that the child must be placed at the centre of learning, actively acquiring skills needed to think clearly and communicate effectively in order to make sound decisions.



  • Being Diligent: We believe in doing our work diligently so that the students are not shortchanged for low-quality services.
  • Being Student Centric: We make all our plans and strategies around the students and their needs. Our teaching approach is highly Learner-centric. We strive to make learning fun for students and at the same time demand effort to learn from them.
  • Skill Oriented: Our educational practice is geared towards providing students with practical life skills and not just theoretical knowledge. The emphasis is on skill development.
  • Being Relational: We believe in working together as a community that is bound by mutual respect and interdependence. And therefore we strive to create an operating environment where both students and staff feel valued and respected.

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